(Vietlish News 2019) – Brand Ambassador – The 2nd Runner-up FTUCharm 2018 Miss Ly Tu Nha


Tu Nha is currently a third-year student at Foreign Trade University. She won the second of FTU Charm 2018 and is the captain of the Foxy Cheerleading team.banner1Tu Nha is known as a confident, strong and energetic girl, bravely exploring her potentials. As an inspiration for Foreign Trade students to dare to rise up, assert themselves and conquer new challenges, Tu Nha has captured the affection of Foreign Trade students, not only in talent but also In modern style, always enthusiastic in movements and activities.

Tu Nha will accompany Vietlish Co-spaces to inspire the community in Vietnam throughout 2019 with the message “Beat down the fear” – dare to stand up to overcome difficulties in life in general and in communicating English in particular.

For Vietlish Co-spaces, Tu Nha is not only a dynamic, creative student, always trying to find and discover herself, but also one of the students who inspire Vietlish Co-spaces to continue the journey to discover people, explore potential abilities and try harder to make English an effective tool to effectively support that journey. Vietlish Co-spaces hopes that with its pervasive power, Tu Nha will join Vietlish Co-spaces in spreading the spirit of breakthrough, accepting challenges and daring to surpass ourselves to the Vietnamese youth community.

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